Grammys and Awards

It’s been a really busy, crazy, and fun week!

I took my daughter to the Grammy’s.  Of all the years to go, I’m so glad I chose this one!  I really felt like a shift had happened in the industry where true talent outshined politics and I’m so excited to have been there.  Way to go Adele!  No one deserved it like she did.  And great bands like Bon Iver won too.  YAY!  We had such a great time.

And much to my surprise, I won a little award too!  No…no, not the Grammy’s.  But today I received an email saying basically, “Uh…didn’t you see this?”  This is what it was referring too.

Yes, I actually won Runner Up in a song writing competition.  My first ever accomplishment as a song writer, and I’m so glad it was for THIS song.

If you aren’t familiar with Butterfly, here’s a briefing.  It was inspired by a beautiful young lady by the name of Sara Rae who lost her life to a drug overdose and was written for an organization that her sister, Lisa, created in her honor called  The organization was created to help teens get clean and sober.  All profit from this song goes towards this cause so if you could spare a dollar to buy the song, know it’s going to a great place!  You can buy it on itunes, bandcamp, etc.  But if you buy it from bandcamp, more money goes into the cause and not into Apple’s pocket, so….

here’s the link!

Thank you for your support, and thank you for allowing me to share my excitement.

Here’s to many many more!  (finger’s crossed!)



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